DOG International Experts Day

This new format offers participants an additional platform for active contributions. The interactive update format will feature leading experts from around the world who will present current developments in their areas. With cutting-edge insights and outstanding expertise, these sessions are a highlight for all DOG 2019 participants.

Scientific coordination:
Claus Cursiefen (Köln)
Berthold Seitz (Homburg/Saar)

Saal 1 10:55 - 11:30 27.09.2019
International Experts Day IED04
Vision Impairment and Driving: An Evidence Update
Nikolaos E. Bechrakis, Direktor (Essen)
Claus Cursiefen, Klinikdirektor (Köln)
Cynthia Owsley (Birmingham)

This presentation will summarize what aspects of vision impairment have been shown to elevate motor vehicle collision risk and risk for on-road driving performance problems. It will also discuss different methodological approaches to studying vision and driving, including their use and misuse.