DOG 2019 – Ophthalmology: Our Field and its Future

Dear Ladies and Gentlemen, dear Colleagues,

It is my pleasure to invite you to the DOG 2019, the 117th congress of our society. The location will once again be Berlin, and it will take place from 26-29 September 2019.
“Ophthalmology: Our Field and its Future” is the theme of the congress to be held in the Estrel Hotel in Berlin.

For most of us, ophthalmology is “the most beautiful specialty in medicine”. In addition, it is also an extremely important, successful and appreciated medical sub-discipline whose supply mandate keeps growing steadily. In the interest of our current and future patients, this is something that we can and should advertise to those on the outside in regular installments, so that the relevance and appeal of our “small” specialty become more noticeable in the competition for motivated junior staff, research funding or other resources in the health care sector.

Intertwining foci of DOG 2019 will therefore be the communication of the fascination for our field that we and our patients have on the one hand and on future developments in ophthalmology on the other. How will future developments look like in medical care, research and education within ophthalmology?

Next to the symposia, scientific lectures, poster sessions and courses, there will also be two new formats: one are the “Highlights in Translational Science Sessions”, which will be concerned with current clinically relevant hot topics in experimental ophthalmology and will signal the importance of translational research – especially including its importance in the DOG – in the successful fight against blindness now and in the future. The other is the “DOG International Experts Day”, which will offer an entire day of events in English, including interactive review formats, in addition to English-language meetings already in the program. Not only for but also with our ophthalmological guests from other countries will this be a special highlight.

I am very pleased to invite you to an exciting and innovative congress in autumn 2019 – once again in the capital city of Germany.

With warm regards,

Claus Cursiefen
President of the DOG
(The German Society of Ophthalmology)