Overview of sessions in English

With a total of 27 sessions, the English-language part of the congress covers a range of topics.

Helmholtz 15:00 - 16:15 27.09.2019
Symposien Fr15
Chameleon-like corneal disorders – 7th joint symposium of the Cornea Society and the Sektion DOG-Kornea
There are hidden causes of corneal erosion. Forme fruste of keratoconus does not show any pathologic signs at the slit-lamp. We know distinct corneal alterations with regard to the general term of the so-called dry eye. Different forms of corneal dystrophies are striking as inflammatory clinical signs associated with recurrent corneal erosion. Acanthamoeba keratitis is often mistaken for a herpetic disease at the beginning of the disorder. Several infantile corneal signs can be a hint to distinct hereditary systemic diseases. The most important decompensation of the cornea represents the Fuchs endothelial corneal dystrophy. MGUS-induced paraproteinemic keratopathy is not well known and shows similar clinical signs with regard to distinct dystrophic, systemic, and inflammatory/immunologic alterations of the cornea. Mark Mannis (Sacramento) will finally present the 3th Oskar Fehr lecture.
Anthony J. Aldave (Los Angeles)
Walter Lisch (Mainz)
Berthold Seitz, Direktor (Homburg/Saar)
Thomas Reinhard, Klinikdirektor (Freiburg)
Gerd Geerling, Klinikdirektor (Düsseldorf)
Michael W. Belin (Marana)
Claus Cursiefen, Klinikdirektor (Köln)
Anthony J. Aldave (Los Angeles)
Berthold Seitz, Direktor (Homburg/Saar)
Wolf Lagrèze (Freiburg)
Sophie X. Deng (Los Angeles)
Walter Lisch (Mainz)
Mark Mannis (Sacramento)