Overview of sessions in English

With a total of 27 sessions, the English-language part of the congress covers a range of topics.

Saal 2 16:45 - 18:00 26.09.2019
Symposien Do24
Ocular gene therapy – current and future challenges for the clinical and the scientific community – Symposium der Sektion DOG-Genetik
With the recent approval of Luxturna as treatment option for RPE65 deficiency in the US and the expectation of a similar approval in the EU at the end of 2018, and the growing number of clinical gene therapy trials for inherited retinal diseases, new challenges and questions arise for ophthalmologists both with regard to identification of patients suitable for enrollment and description of the phenotype before and after treatment as well as for performing the treatment and monitoring treatment outcome. In this symposium, the section DOG-Genetics has invited internationally renowned experts to address the current aspects in the field of retinal gene therapy and to highlight the needs to be addressed in the near future in order to make this promissing new therapeutic approach a success.
Birgit Lorenz, Klinikdirektorin (Gießen)
Eberhart Zrenner, Institutsdirektor (Tübingen)
Birgit Lorenz, Klinikdirektorin (Gießen)
Robert MacLaren (Oxford)
Artur Cidecyian (Philadelphia)
Hendrik Scholl, Director (Basel)