Overview of sessions in English

With a total of 27 sessions, the English-language part of the congress covers a range of topics.

Saal 3 16:45 - 18:00 27.09.2019
Symposien Fr24
Tackling the upcoming tide of diabetic retinopathy – a global perspective
Diabetic retinopathy is on the rise and a major cause of blindness worldwide. This symposium presents different approaches from around the globe to meet this challenge.
Rudolf Guthoff, Direktor em. (Rostock)
Robert Patrick Finger (Bonn)
Heiko Philippin (Moshi)
Robert Patrick Finger (Bonn)
Manfred Mörchen (Düsseldorf)
Heiko Philippin (Moshi)
Maximilian Wintergerst (Bonn)
Hansjürgen Agostini (Freiburg)