Overview of sessions in English

With a total of 27 sessions, the English-language part of the congress covers a range of topics.

Saal 1 16:45 - 18:00 26.09.2019
Symposien Do23
Medical Cornea
This symposium presents translational approaches in conservative and cell therapeutical treatment of corneal diseases. Results of novel therapies such as cold plasma treatment or data of ongoing studies will be presented - as well as gene therapeutical approaches to treat corneal dystrophies.
Claus Cursiefen, Klinikdirektor (Köln)
Thomas Fuchsluger (Heidelberg)
Claus Cursiefen, Klinikdirektor (Köln)
Elisabeth M. Messmer (München)
Norbert Schrage (Köln)
Thomas Fuchsluger (Heidelberg)
Anthony J. Aldave (Los Angeles)